Swifts could be extinct in 20 years

Swift numbers are dropping alarmingly and there is a chance swifts could be extinct within 20 years.

There has been a 40% drop in the numbers of migatory birds over the last 15 years.

Swifts  used to be able to nest –

  • In open eaves
  • under loose roof tiles
  • in holes in walls

Because of repairs and modern building techniquest these nesting sites are no longer there.

Eaves are

  • sealed
  • or fitted with slatted grilles

Tiles are now

  • fitted without gaps.


All swifts need is

  • a tiny edge of a gable or under an eave

  • for new buildings you can buy nesting boxes very cheaply.

Swifts make a 14,000 mile return journey to winter in South Africa. It is sad that there is nowhere for them to nest when they get here.


There are many ways we can help the swift. 

You do not have to have a garden to help the Swift.  It is nesting sites they need and they can be provided without a garden.



A lot of birds are declining in numbers the sparrow and the swift are but two of them.  I hope this is a good year for our feathered friends. 

Last year I thought we had fewer swallows stay the summer than normal.

I get a lot of birds in my garden every day and sometimes forget how their numbers are dropping.

It’s good to think we can help.  I have a sparrow nesting in a bird box I put up.  I put a variety of bird food out every day.

Hedges, shrubs and trees that were planted before I was born give food and shelter to a lot of birds near to where I live.

It would be great if everyone in Britain just took a little time to help out native birds.  Here’s hoping.

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