nyjer bird seed

nyjer feeder - not used by birds

nyjer feeder

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I know nyjer seed is good quality bird food, so I now put some melted lard / fat over it  (to stop it blowing away!) and pop it on a birdtable.  It get eaten every day.

I  tried to feed nyjer seed in a feeder,  but not one seed was  taken

I know other people who use nyjer seed feeders and they have success

Do you have success feeding nyjer bird seed? and how do you feed it.

Click here to see what I have found out about nyjer seed.

Sparrows like Nyjer Seed

Click here to see where you can buy nyjer seed from

5 thoughts on “nyjer bird seed

  1. John

    Hi Trish,
    I tried some little nyjer feeders without success. The seeds got damp and started to sprout. I am now trying a larger feeder and a few birds visit it. Just four houses from me I have seen Goldfinches at a nyjer feeder but none seen here. On another site I read that it was six months before their nyjer feeder really started to attract birds so I guess we need to be patient.

  2. Trish Post author

    Hi Jan and Hi John, Good to hear from you both.
    Jan, I’ve had problems with the internet connection so could not reply earlier.

    Isn’t it strange that some birds eat the nyjer seed and other birds in other gardend don’t.

    I like both your blogs, the photos on both are brilliant. Put me to shame, but I do enjoy trying to photograph things.

    I don’t know if you have tried putting melted lard over the nyjer seed (just coating it). If you do this and then put it on a bird table the seed does not blow away.

    Good luck with your bird feeding and your blogging. If these birds only knew what discussion they cause!!


  3. Trish Post author

    Seems that vinehouse farm bird food is good. One or two people have mentioned it. thanks for letting us know

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