My week full of problems

What a week I’ve had.  Here are some of the things that have happened.

After truly belieiving I had solved the problem of rooks and crows  getting food from my hanging bird feeder I was so annoyed to see a rook doing an acrobatic balancing act on the feeder and putting it’s great beak inside the feeding portal ( photos and more info to follow)

The rooks have started to invade the garden again, along with pigeons.  Sometimes the smaller birds don’t get a look in.  Rooks have now discovered they can poke their beaks in and peck out food from the ground feeder.  Sometimes I think they recognise me, which is scary.  All is quiet until I go into the garden and then they arise from trees and skim low over the hedge and above my head.  They are really big birds.  

We have a rookery near us and rookeries are supposed to bring good luck.

I have had knee problems where my knee hurt when I walked, I’ve had headaches, I’ve been feeling ill  and  tired and weak.   I’ve had cold sores that really hurt and gave me an aches behind my eyes.   The good news is that I seem to have recovered from all these problems.  I was told by a Chinese Doctor that my cold sores and my eye ache were related and originated in a problem in my lung!   So he gave me some herbs for my lung, and I must admit it has cleared my cold sore and eye ache.  He also says he can help my knee.  The Chinese Doctor said that the knee may be fine, it is the dampness in the knee which is causing the pain and he can get rid of the dampness.   It seems he can also help other types of knee problems.

My internet connection and the phone has been out of operation since Thursday.  The Engineers have been  in and out of the house  checking for signals since then. The Open Reach engineers had to replace half a mile of cable because of our telephone line.  The problem effected next door as well.  I cannot praise the Open Reach engineers enough.  In one day different engineers were here from 8am to 7pm.   Sometimes they needed access into the house and they always understood the problem.

It made me think how much I rely on the internet and my emails.  Emails give such quick connection with people.  I think one fortune teller in the past said that one day ‘thoughts would go round the world in the blink of an eye’ (or something like that).

In some ways it was nice to be without the internet for a few days.  I got a lot of other things done, such as banging on windows trying to scare crows away.

In the end  Open Reach had to wait for a piece of equipment to come so they could get to the problem. 

Through all these problems I’ve put bird food out.  I am back to the same problem of how do I feed blackbirds and thrushes and yet keep crows and pigeons out.  Maybe my idea of last year is best – just keep a big area of grass and soil moistened and let them catch the worms.

So here I am.  Feeling fine and healthy again.   My knees don’t hurt at the moment, I don’t have headache or eye ache. My cold sore has cleared up.  I feel energetic (at the moment) and the internet and phones are back.

The Rooks are back as well.

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