Magic moments in my garden

I’ve just has two magic moments while I’ve been putting bird food out.

At the moment I’m usually annoyed as the rooks and crows sweep overhead, ready to come to the feast.

  • Magic moment number one was when I was really close to the hanging feeders and saw a robin getting food from the feeder. To me robins always seem frail, but I know they are one of the argumentative birds there are.I must remember to put some of this hanging feeder food on the ground.

I was putting cheese out on the ground feeding tray, inside the meshed feeder, a little scattered on the ground near and under the bush.

  • Magic moment number two.  A thrush came a few feet away from me and hungrily gobbled up  a lot of the grated cheese.It wasn’t frightened of me and I could see it’s colourings so clearly.  If I had taken one step I would have been standing next to it.

So in order for thrushes and blackbirds to get at the bird food and cheese all I have to do is stand in the garden for hours.  This will frighten off the rooks and crows, but the blackbirds, robins, thrushes and the like will be able to feed in peace.  Problem solved”!!!???

But, seriously, seeing the garden birds get the food  makes up for all the times pigeons, rooks and crows pinch the food.

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