Loss of Farmland

We import 40% of our food.  China is self sufficient in food

There has been flooding in areas of land in East Yorkshire.  A lot of  the land that has been flooded is  grade one prime agricultural land and is some of the most productive land in the country. 

The Environment Agency has said it is not prepared to improve the flood defences from tidal surges and increase in flood levels.  The Environment Agency says ‘If the value of the property in the area does not justify the spending of money on the defences, then the area will be abandoned to the sea”

It does not take  into account the value of the land and the ongoing value of the food this land will produce.

Surely the Environment Agency should spend a few million a year for the next few years to defend our land – which produces food.

We take food so much for granted here.

 What would the Dutch think to this way of thinking.

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