Growing Sunflower Seeds for birds

Sunflower grown from sunflower seed in a bird food pack

Sunflower grown from seed out of a bird food pack

Sunflower grown from seed out of a bird food pack

A Home Grown Sunflower planted from sunflower seeds taken from bird food. Wonderful!

A while ago my blogging and bird friend John sent me details of how he grows sunflower seeds from his own sunflower seed bird food.

I plant each seed in a small pot of compost and start them in a cold greenhouse when it looks as though the worst frosts are over.

Sunflower seeds  are quick to start and very vigorous growers once established in the ground.

The size of plant and flower head is very variable depending on type.  It is pot luck which type are in the wild bird seed mix.

They really need staking or tying to your fence, as they grow especially as the flower head grows and becomes top heavy

The stems can be up to 1 inch (24cm) thick.  Some varieties have multiple heads.

Like wheat, sunflowers can suffer from the rain.  Flower heads can get so set that they start to rot, but most produce edible seeds.

Not just for the birds – sunflowers in bloom look so joyful with their large brilliant yellow flowers following the sun across the sky it cheers you up just to look at them.  Happy Growing. John.


Thanks John. Fruit bushes are the same, they look so colourful and feed the birds at the same time, so I can see what you ean when you say they are not just for the birds.  We can enjoy these flowers and plants too.


If you would rather buy sunfower seeds and other seeds for a Bird Friendly Garden Corner then try Thompson and Morgan seeds and get seed packets delivered to your door.



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