Hawthorn – Bird Friendly

Many native birds get food and shelter  and protection from a hawthorn hedging

Is hawthorn a tree, hedge or a bush?  Whatever it is – it is a natural British plant that gives –

  • shelter and safety – the prickly spikes on the branches mean that predators such as sparrowhawks can’t get inside the bush. Birds of prey cannot risk tearing their feathers on the sharp thorns of the hawthorn hedge

  • nesting sites

  • food for birds from the berries that grow on the bush

The other week I saw a sparrowhawk with a blackbird in it’s talons.  It had flown out of a laurel hedge. 

If it had been a hawthorn hedge the sparrowhawk would not have gone inside as they cannot risk tearing their feathers.  If a sparrowhawk damages its feathers it cannot hunt or feed.

As well as the laurel hedge we also have a lot of old hawthorn hedges / bushes / trees nearby that birds can shelter in.  This hawthorn hedge has been here for years.  Year after year the hawthorn gives nesting, shelter and food to a lot of birds.  The hawthorn is often full of birdsong.

Click here to read about the sparrowhawk in the garden

Below is a photograph that I took of a hawthorn bush which is growing near our garden.  It is part of the British countryside and hawthorn is a really bird friendly bush / hedge / tree!

If you plant one hawthorn plant  it will enhance your garden and help you make a part of your garden into a bird friendly garden corner


Hawthorn Hedge gives food and shelter to birds

Hawthorn Hedge gives food and shelter to birds


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