Bird Food from a Plant

My small garden bush is leafless now, but it still gives birds shelter from the wind and rain .  I also use it for sheltering the bird food from the wind and rain as well

Every year the bush gives fruit for me and the birds.

Here is a photo taken last July.  This July it will fruit again as it does every year.

Fresh blackcurrants every year

 The bush is leafless now but I know it will spring into life again and in a few months will be full of berries.

Every year this old bush spring back into life

Every year this old bush spring back into life

 When it’s cold and windy it’s  nice to look at photos of a fresh summers day isn’t it.

Think about planting flowers, shrubs or plants that will attract birds.  Look at my Bird Friendly Plant list.   There are many more plants that attract birds – ask if you want to.

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