An Intelligent Rook

Not a very clear photo, but it shows how big the rook is in relation to the bird feeder and how he could soon eat me out of house and home.

In this photo he is using both of his feet to balance on the hanging feeder


If you look closely at the photo below you will see the rook is only hanging on to the bird food portal with one of his feet.  I was in awe of his balancing ability.  He poked his beak inside, balanced with his wings and hung on with one food.  He must have been desperate for food.


Photo number 3

A Rook finding a new source of food

A Rook finding a new source of food

They are maurading round my bird tables and feeders as well.

Rooks live in close knit communities.  We have had a rookery near us for ages and it is not often they bother us in the garden.  The loud CAW, CAW is something we have got used to and because they live in communities the combined sound can be very loud as they make the noise together.

Also the sight of the whole community rising up out of the trees in a morning is a normal sight to me and one I would miss. 

As always, with nature and wild birds, there isn’t an easy answer.

2 thoughts on “An Intelligent Rook

  1. Trish Post author

    No way! Not where I live anyway. Maybe if they are in a town and more used to people – maybe.

    Have you had this happen to you? Please let me know if you have?

    I always think rooks have vicious beaks and a group of them could do serious damage if they wanted to.


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