A Journey round three bird feeders in my garden

Some of the bird feeders I use to feed the birds in my garden are just a bit old but they still serve their purpose which is to be a safe haven for birds to eat food.

I thought I would show you  some of my garden and some of my bird feeders.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to feed birds.  When you invest in a bird table or feeder it will last for years.  Just look at mine.

Bird Table with roof –

old bird table

old bird table

 I used this bird table for years and years.  The legs are rotten.  I now lean it against a tree to keep it propped us.

Open top bird table

I put the birdtable near our laurel hedge (the hedge is evergreen and gives shelter to a lot of birds) 

bird table sheltered by a hedge

bird table sheltered by a hedge

This hanging feeder has proved useful. 


Hanging bird feeder protected by a meshed cage

Hanging bird feeder protected by a meshed cage


There are loads of differnt types of bird tables and bird feeders to choose from but basically they all do the same job – they feed birds.  If you do buy one they will last a long time.

There are many types of bird feeders. Some are open, some are squirrel resistant, some are caged to keep out the larger birds and predators. 

There are also many types of bird tables.  Some are open topped and some have a roof. 

The two bird tables in the photos serve their purpose even though they are old.

More photos in future weeks.

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