Daily Archives: March 27, 2009

Kitchen scraps for birds

This year I have put out grated cheese, raw carrot, bread,  bacon rind and old cake for my garden birds

I’ve just found out that dry cheese for birds is –

  • Protein rich food for birds
  • Can be a life saver for some birds in bad weather
  • At the moment it seems to be one of the favourite foods on my bird tables.

Have you any special scraps you put out for birds.

Shall we all recycle our scraps and feed the birds.

Mistle Thrush and Mistletoe

Birds and Plants.  Maybe you can’t have one without the other

A mistle thrush will feed on the flesh of the white mistletoe berries, which is very sticky 

Mistletoe for Mistle Thrushes

Mistletoe for Mistle Thrushes

  • After feeding on the mistletoe the mistle thrush tries to clean its beak on a branch
  • It does this to try to get rid of the stickyness of its beak.
  • When it does this the mistletoe sticks to the branch and grows into misltetoe.

Apple and Hawthorn are common trees and bushes were mistletoe grows.

So mistle thrushes play an important part in spreadinga mistletoe and misltetoe plays and important part in feeding misle thrushes.


Mistle Thrush in an English Garden

Mistle Thrush in an English Garden