Daily Archives: March 4, 2009

White tailed blackbird – USA

I saw a/the white-tailed blackbird yesterday at my birdfeeder in Burtonsville, MD.  The bird was traveling with a flock of about 50.


I was lucky enough to receive the above comment yesterday from the USA

I haven’t seen my white tailed blackbirds for over a week.  When I see them (I’m sure there are two as one looks a bit shabby and the other one looks in its peak) they always seem to be on their own.

This white tailed USA blackbird has been seen in a flock.  Interesting

So now we have British, France and 2 areas of the USA who have been in touch.

I find it interesting to follow these blackbirds with white feathers, really because they stand out and I can see how long they have been coming to the garden.

Here are some reasons why birds have some white feathers

Let me know if you have seen any blackbirds with white tail feathers.