White Tail Feathered Blackbird

Today I spotted the blackbird with white tail feathers.

I haven’t seen it for ages and thought it had died.

It was on its own at a birdtable in the back garden.  Another blackbird came and sent it packing.

Now I think of if, whenever I see this white tailed blackbird it is on its own.

Is the fact that it is ‘different’ to all the other blackbirds making it separate from the other blackbirds.

I only saw it for less than a minute as it was eating from the birdtable, then as I say it was frightened away.

At least I know it is about.  It’s interesting being able to keep track of one bird.

At one point a month or two ago I saw two blackbirds with white tail feathers.  One of the birds was thin, bedraggled and the tail feathers were faint.  I have not seen that one for a while.

4 thoughts on “White Tail Feathered Blackbird

  1. bren

    My dad saw a black bird with white tail feathers at his feeder. He has never seen it before and it has not come back yet. He lives in southern Maryland.

  2. Leslie Howard

    I went on line today to check to see if anyone had seen a whitetail blackbird..rare

  3. Jan

    I have just seen a blackbird with several white tail feathers!! It’s the first time ever and I was very surprised and delighted to see him on my bird table happily sharing with a thrush. I live in Scotland.

  4. Trish Post author

    Hi Jan, You will remember it for ages. I know the first time I saw a blackbird with white feathers I was amazed and kept looking out for it. I felt as if I knew it!

    How good it was sharing with a thrush. There must be enough food about for them both. Here in my garden the blackbirds seem to see off the thrushes. The blackbirds seem to get to the food first. They all get some in the end though. Thanks for telling me about this. Trisha

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