We sometimes forget bad and annoythings.

I put some birdfood out early this morning.

When The Husband looked out of the kitchen window there were not any birds at all  near any of the feeders.  This is very unusual.

Then he saw a large sparrowhawk sat on the garden fence.  The same garden fence that sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds etc sit on.

It’s not long since I saw a sparrowhawk try and catch a blackbird.

Life is not all cosy and nice for our garden birds.  They need our help.  Maybe putting up a thick hawthorne hedge would be a good idea.

1 thought on “Sparrowhawk

  1. Bill Martindale

    One evening whilst having a beer about 9 o clock whilst still light, a sparrowhawk glides over my head and across the garden. It turned into the hawthorn tree and dissappeared. Ten seconds later it reappeared and flew over us with a sparrow in one talon. The whole episode was done in total silence. So unless its very thick hawthorn is not prickly enough. I recommend Berberis Darwinnii or Berberis Juliana. Rambling roses appear quite good as well. The sparrows spend most of the day in ours. regards Billm

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