Snow and silence – a short video

There is always birdsong in my garden at this time of day , but see how silent the garden is in the snow. I was told a long time ago that you will never hear birds singing when it is snowing as birds only sing when they are happy. Snow and freezing cold weather can be lethal to our garden birds and they perch in silence waiting for the storm to stop. This why snow and silence go together.

In a few hours the snow covered everything – birds food, food on bird tables, their water and often their shelter. A lot of birds roost in the hedge, but the snow was blowing inside the hedge as well – there was no escape from the snow.

2 thoughts on “Snow and silence – a short video

  1. Jan

    Hi Trisha,
    Your video made me feel really chilly and it is milder here today. We too have had heavy snow this last couple of weeks but at last it is clearing.
    It has certainly been a difficult time for the birds but hopefully now they will find it easier to find food and they will start to turn their attention to thoughts of love!

  2. Trisha

    Hi Jan, Good to hear from you. I was just thinking a minute ago what a nice day it was and how the days are lengthening now, so I was thinking the same as you.

    It makes it easier bird feeding wise when the ground isn’t frozen and covered in snow because they don’t depend on the bird food as much. Having said that they are going mad at my hanging bird feeders at the moment.

    How is your bird feeding going? OK I hope. Are you like me and feed a nice variety of birds. Trisha

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