Oil Rig Birds

Garden birds become seabirds for a while.

Birds cover such distances and it seems that sometimes garden birds become seabirds for a while.

It’s great that I’ve had some news about oil rig birds.  This is from Michael who works on an oilrig –

Hi everyone, We are at 57 degrees 36.10 minutes north 001 degrees 37.41 minutes east which is about 1 hours flying time north north east of Aberdeen.

When the weather is bad we often got a variety of sea going birds, diverse number of sea gulls including younglings (normally brown).

I am, of course, nor versed in their names but I know a black headed gull when I seeon as well as some of the larger Gulls I see regularly in Aberdeen itself.  When I say large they are as big as 18 inches tall.

Obviousely in 14 years off shore I have seen several different types of avian visitor.

Birds of prey including owls, hawks big and small

Sparrows, pigeons, blue tits, swifts and swallows.

A variety of birds, some of which you would not expect to see offshore.

Please remember I have been round a lot of north east Scotland waters, but also off Liverpool Bay to the West of England. Good to talk to you.


Isn’t that fascinating.  When I was reading it I could picture the oil rig and the vastness of the sea.   Thanks Michael for sending me this

Has anyone else got any type of bird watching details they would like to send.

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