Novelty bird boxes

Beward of novely design birdboxes which do not meet the needs of the birds.

Do NOT buy a nest box that has any sort of perch because –

  • Birds need a safe, clear flight path into their nest box
  • The exterior of a nest box is a dangerous place for birds.  Perches on nest boxes encourage birds to rest outside the nest box and so make it easier for cats and weasels to catch birds.

Buy from a reputable source.

Novelty bird boxes may look nice, but the tried and tested bird boxes give a reliable nesting home to many birds.

Can I persuade you not to buy a novelty bird box?

Why not try this Basic Bird Box for £10.99  and know you are doing your bit for nature!

It is NATIONAL NEST BOX WEEK next week to Pick up a  Proper Nest Box

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