Hunting of Lapwings

How can anyone hunt a bird such as the lapwing?  But they do.

France, Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece are some of the countries that lure lapwings to what seems to be an ideal roost site but which in fact is a deadly trap for these birds.

It seems there is a video on YouTube about it (which I have not seen) which shows the netting of hundreds of lapwings which have been lured to their death.

Also people make ponds especially  to lure the lapwings and the lapwings get trapped by the nets as they land to feed.

These are not small ponds or traps they can catch many lapwings

Lapwing numbers have declined in Britain.

For more information visit  Committee Against Bird Slaughter

To read about the hunting of birds in the Ardennes and the South of France CLICK HERE

Lapwings  are on the red list of endangered species in Europe

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