Crows Flocking

Just been doing some early morning bird feeding and I’ve seen something I have never seen before.

I heard it first, something I’ve heard every day for ages.  The sound of crows or rooks overhead.  Their sound was so loud it is still ring ing in my ears.

But this morning it was different.  I could see a group of crows circling in the air just above me.  They were interweaving with each other with such skill.

Then above me and to the left another group of crows / rooks flew towards the group above my head.

Two groups of rooks / crows flocked together.  The sound and sight was amazing. 

It was as though it had been pre arranged and they were meeting up for early breakfast.  I watched and listened to them all circling above me.  Their movements were so graceful in the sky.

They flew off towards the east and I suppose they spend the day in search of food.

Everything was so quiet apart from the normal birds chattering.  

I tried to record it and will see if I can get it onto here as soon as I can.

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