Chatting to a blackbird

I was a bit late putting out the bird food this morning.  The grated cheese goes down well with the blackbirds.

I was putting the food out.  Most of the birds flew away, but one blackird kept perched on the fence really close to me.

I looked straight at the blackbird and realised I was missing a good photo opportunity.

“Where’s my camera?”

“Where’s my camera” I asked the blackbird

The blackbird kept looking at me

“Where’s my camera when I need it?

A robin appeare and perched close to the blackbird.  If it had been Christmas it would have been a Christmas Card moment.  The blackbird was sitting still on the fence, but the robin with a lovely red breast was hopping on the fence.

“Serves you right for NOT putting out our bird food early enough.  We are both starving.  No time for photo opportunities now – it’s cheese time.”

So I put out the bird food and left.

The same thing happened to me a few months ago.  But I can’t carry my camera with me every time I put some bird food out.

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