Birds Can survive the cold we if put food out

If we get bird feeding into our minds it will be second nature to us!

I’ve just bought some more  bird food.  I say it will last me a long time, but I know it won’t.

If  birds don’t have to spend hours using energy searching for food they will have a much better change of surviving the cold, dark nights so a ready supply of bird food really helps.

A few top tips – Food and Water for our garden birds in winter.

  • UNFROZEN WATER is really essential for drinking and bathing.  Birds need to bathe in cold weather to keep their insulation in tip top condition.  A ball or a piece of wood in the water may help stop the water freezing over.
  • GRATED CHEESE on a lawn or under bushes helps many birds including wrens, dunnocks, robins, blackbirds and thrushes.
  • FRUIT – such as cut up apple helps thrushes.  Redwings will die if they cannot find fruit.
  • FAT AND SUET BARS give energy for every bird
  • SEEDS on the ground or on birdtables help many birds
  • KITCHEN SCRAPS –such as bread, stale cake, chopped bacon find will feed blackbirds, starlings and many more.
  • BIRD FOOD – any type of bought bird food will help.  There are many to choose from.

Cold weather in winter can be a killer for birds so lets FEED THE BIRDS

6 thoughts on “Birds Can survive the cold we if put food out

  1. trish Post author

    Hi Sara, This is an interesting question. I have never ever thought of putting out hard boiled eggs for wild birds. I think doves will eat mashed hard boiled eggs and I think people with caged pet birds sometimes feed hard boiled eggs to them.

    I will ask some of my birdy friends as it is a question I don’t really know the answer to. Thanks for asking this question though. That is one of the things I like about my blog – I’m learning and finding out new things and ‘meeting’ people who like wild birds. Thanks once again for the question. Will be in touch as, at the moment, I can’t say if I recommend it or not. Trisha

  2. Trish Post author

    Hi Ceri,
    really. Chopped up boiled egg. Well fancy that. I may give it a try. Was it a hen egg.

    I must admit that I have given old egg sandwiches to the birds and they have eaten them. that is similar in a way

    It’s great you are feeding birds. Do you get many in your garden.

  3. richard

    Hi Trish and everybody, my cakes lard, ground sunflower and peanuts, also whole ones all put together with currants and sultanas,go down a treat, had 9 long tail tits here today, not seen thrushes around, am worried,,mum used to come into workshop in breeding season, but offspring not so keen,,keep up the feeding everyone, we will get them through,, have 5 or 6 blue tits roosting in a nest box they have used twice to breed in,, dont know if the same family have moved in,,R

  4. Trish Post author

    Hi, This is wonderful. 9 longtail tits and blue tits roosting. So you are helping birds survive!

    I haven’t seen many thrushes, but the one or two I have seen have looked in good condition. I wonder if there are a lot of berries on the hedges. Also thrushes are shy birds and if a lot of more aggressive birds are feeding they may not get as much of a look in.

    That is an interesting recipe. You must go to a lot of trouble to ground the sunflower and peanuts. I sometimes just melt the lard and pour it over some bird food. It gives it a fat coating.

    Great you got in touch.
    Glad to hear from other bird feeding people


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