Birds at my Feeders

A dog dish used as a bird feeder

A dog dish used as a bird feeder

 A dog dish used as a bird feeder.  Well I can’t always afford to be buying new feeders!  I don’t like to put bird food on the ground.


Name the Birds

Name the Birds

 As you can see birds mingle at the feeders – but I’m not sure what they are all.  Can anyone help.


Kitchen scraps for birds

Kitchen scraps for birds

 Birds like flapjack.  There were one or two birds fighting over this piece of flapjack (oats, treacle, sugar and butter – baked)

Hope you like the photos.  Please let me know if you have any I could put on here. 

I honestly don’t know what every bird is in these photos, and I would like to know.


2 thoughts on “Birds at my Feeders

  1. trish Post author

    Hi Dawn, Thanks for getting in touch. Yes I think you are right. that is one puzzle solved. I think the bird in the top right of the same photo is a chaffinch.

    I know I took the photos and I should know, but the birds flit about so quickly that aiming the camera is what I am contentrating on. Cheers. Trisha

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