Bird Food that is under our feet

Maybe when feeding birds we ignore one brillianc basic food larder that some birds can use –


A  lawn, even a really small lawn can be important to birds

Dunnocks, finches and sparrows can take seeds from a lawn

Blackbirds, thrushes and robins can hunt for worms, insect larvae and pupae.

Worms on the lawn could give breakfast, dinner and tea to a hungry bird.

As well as giving a good meal to birds worms are brilliant little creatures because as they burrow they help drain and aerate the grass roots.

When it’s really dry the ground can get so hard it makes it difficult for  birds to feed.  We sometimes recycle our house water from the sink and throw it on a patch of grass.  This, of course, makes the ground softer and brings worms to the surface.  Also it doesn’t cost anything to do.

Mother nature is feeding the birds and it is not costing me a penny.

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