Bird Feeding in Snow

Snow, Freezing and Cold Wind.  Yesterday the ground was covered in snow  and the wind and snow were blowing in my face.

I was late putting the bird food out and there were birds frantically flying to and fro from the feeders. 

Luckily I had brought the meshed base of the ground feeder and the PK Feeder inside, so they were clean and dry and ready to be filled with fresh food.

Yesterday everywhere was covered in snow.  Today it has all disappeared.

Yesterday I could hear the birds in the hedge and trees.  They get bold when they are hungry. 

I haven’t seen the white tailed blackbird for a while.  If he doesn’t come when it is freezing then I think something must have happened to him.

It is a cold job putting out bird food in the snow.

Today I have put a variety of food on the ground feeder, filled the two front garden birdtales up, the caged peanut feeder and the two hanging bird feeders, and the old birdtable in the back garden.  It seems all the bird food had been eaten by dinner time!



I sometimes order bird food and get it delivered to my door.  It saves a lot of time.

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