An early bird

For the past two or three days I have taken bird food out to the bird feeders to feed the birds.  I have come across a thrush on the ground underneath one of the birdtables.  There haven’t been any other birds about.  The thrush has been the early bird.

I’ve kept walking toweards the thrush and it hasn’t moved away.  I’ve been standing at the bird table and the thrush has been standing on the grass underneath the bird table.

It’s been magic to be close to a bird who is unafraid of me.  the soft colours of the thrush and it not having its usual timid ways has made me fond of this bird for a moment.

This morning I’ve been thinking about it and it struck me that the thrush’s early dash for the bird table about coincides with the return of the starlings who are trying to eat all the bird food.

Starlings seem to be the aggressive birds of the bird world.  When they are at my bird tables they take over and don’t give any other bird a chance at the food.

Maybe the thrush has been starving and, in order to survive, has come to the ground underneath the bird table early to get any birdfood first.  Maybe it knows I put food out and am not a threat – unlike the starlings who do threaten the thrush by taking all the food.

I can’t win.  If I leave all the bird food inside the meshed feeder then the blackbirds and thrushes can’t get at the food.

A blackbird and a starling are now running round the ground feeder together trying to find a way in so they can eat.

So if I put all the bird food inside caged feeders then the birds that lose out are the blackbird and the thrush.  Which isn’t fair.

So I’ll keep putting some bird food on the birdtables and in the open even though it is more than likely the starlings will get most of it.

I can’t control nature and this is the best I can do.

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