Daily Archives: February 21, 2009

Starting to feed birds?

When I started to feed birds I just put out a few scraps on a bird table. 

As the birds started to appear I started putting out different bird food.

If you are just starting to feed birds you may find that

Birds don’t eat the food you put out.

This could be because

  • There may be cats or other predators nearby. 
  • It can take a few weeks for birds to spot a new source of food (birds can be a bit stupid sometimes.

I have just had to replace my greed peanut feeder. I replaced it with a red peanut feeder and it took a few days for the blue tits and other birds to go near it!

If you have just started to feed birds I’d love to know if many birds are coming to your garden.

Whatever happens, don’t give up.  British Garden Bird numbers are declining and also you will find it fun and rewarding when birds do start to visit.

Birds with White Feathers

I started to keep track of a blackbird that has white tail feathers that visits my garden.  The first time I saw it was about January 2008

I know I now have 2 blackbirds with white tail feathers  that visit.

Yesterday 20th February 2009 I saw the white tailed blackbird. 

It was as though it was posing for me! 

It was sitting on the fence outside the kitchen window with it’s back to me.  Apologies, because I never thought to take a photo of it.

So this was great because I could see its two white tail feathers very clearly.  They are healthy, white tail feathers. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REASONS FOR WHY THERE ARE WHITE TAIL FEATHERS