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White tailed blackbird – in France

Luckily I received this comment yesterday about a white tailed blackbird seen in France

hi there , just to let you know today in our garden we also have a black bird with a white tail, we live in france ,we have quite a large family of blackbirds, but today was quite shocked to see one with a white tail, we live deep in the country, is this a new breed of bird , have a good day

Reasons for birds with white feathers

Because, since January 2008,  I’ve been seeing a blackbird with white tail feathers I’ve become interested in them and have found out some  details and of the reasons why this happens.

The name for a bird with white feathers  is ‘albino’.  Partial albino means a bird  has some white feathers on some portions of its body.

Often other birds do not like birds that are different to them and birds will kill a bird like this (this could be why I never see this white tailed blackbird  in among a group of blackbirds)

Here are some reasons why blackbirds  (and other birds ) sometime have white feathers :

  • Lack of a good diet 
  • Injury to the bird can cause this
  • Circulary problems that the bird has had at the time that its feathers were developing.
  • The bird is ageing and old.
  • Some of the feathers do not have  pigments such as melanins.

A bird that is naturally white such as a swan, is not classed as an albino bird

If you have any other information please let me know.


Birds Can survive the cold we if put food out

If we get bird feeding into our minds it will be second nature to us!

I’ve just bought some more  bird food.  I say it will last me a long time, but I know it won’t.

If  birds don’t have to spend hours using energy searching for food they will have a much better change of surviving the cold, dark nights so a ready supply of bird food really helps.

A few top tips – Food and Water for our garden birds in winter.

  • UNFROZEN WATER is really essential for drinking and bathing.  Birds need to bathe in cold weather to keep their insulation in tip top condition.  A ball or a piece of wood in the water may help stop the water freezing over.
  • GRATED CHEESE on a lawn or under bushes helps many birds including wrens, dunnocks, robins, blackbirds and thrushes.
  • FRUIT – such as cut up apple helps thrushes.  Redwings will die if they cannot find fruit.
  • FAT AND SUET BARS give energy for every bird
  • SEEDS on the ground or on birdtables help many birds
  • KITCHEN SCRAPS –such as bread, stale cake, chopped bacon find will feed blackbirds, starlings and many more.
  • BIRD FOOD – any type of bought bird food will help.  There are many to choose from.

Cold weather in winter can be a killer for birds so lets FEED THE BIRDS