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Valentines Day is for the Birds

Did you know-

Many years ago Europeans believed that on February 14th the birds began to choose their mates.

In fact many years ago Chaucer in his “Parlement of Foules,” wrote

“For this was Seynt Valentine’s Day when every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.”

Valentines day is traditionally the day when birds start pairing up before they start to nest.

Some birds have been looking for nest sites for a few weeks now.

So it is Valentines Day for the Birds in more ways than one.

and remember

In the spring a livelier iris changes on the burnished dove;
In the spring a youn man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love

National Nest Box Week

It is National Nest Box Week

Many species of birds come into gardens in winter to feed, but in some gardens they cannot stay and nest because there isn’t anywhere suitable for them to nest.

A good idea is to put up nest boxes.  Modern houses are built without  any of the nooks and crannies under the eaves in which birds nest. 

Bird boxes come in all shapes and sizes to suit all shapes and sizes of birds.

The ‘ front door’ opening of nest boxes vary to attract different types of birds.

  • Sparrows like a front door of about 32mm across
  • Blue tits like a front door of about 25mm across
  • When the whole upper half of the front of the nest box is open it can sttract robins and wrens.

It doesn’t matter if you are just casually interested in birds, putting up a nest box is a good idea.  The sight and sound of young birds in your garden will always lift your spirits.

Last summer I watched two small fledgling sparrows sitting on a fence together.  I made me realise that our actions can help birds!

The gardens in this country have an area much bigger than all our nature reserves put together so the ability for us to use our gardens as nesting sites for birds is enormous  so go out and buy a nest box and help the next generation of our British Garden Birds.

Why not take a look at the nest boxes that Garden Bird Supplies have

Snow and silence – a short video

There is always birdsong in my garden at this time of day , but see how silent the garden is in the snow. I was told a long time ago that you will never hear birds singing when it is snowing as birds only sing when they are happy. Snow and freezing cold weather can be lethal to our garden birds and they perch in silence waiting for the storm to stop. This why snow and silence go together.

In a few hours the snow covered everything – birds food, food on bird tables, their water and often their shelter. A lot of birds roost in the hedge, but the snow was blowing inside the hedge as well – there was no escape from the snow.