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Birds at my Feeders

A dog dish used as a bird feeder

A dog dish used as a bird feeder

 A dog dish used as a bird feeder.  Well I can’t always afford to be buying new feeders!  I don’t like to put bird food on the ground.


Name the Birds

Name the Birds

 As you can see birds mingle at the feeders – but I’m not sure what they are all.  Can anyone help.


Kitchen scraps for birds

Kitchen scraps for birds

 Birds like flapjack.  There were one or two birds fighting over this piece of flapjack (oats, treacle, sugar and butter – baked)

Hope you like the photos.  Please let me know if you have any I could put on here. 

I honestly don’t know what every bird is in these photos, and I would like to know.


Bird Feeding Problem

In a post the other day I showed how I kept the larger birds away. 

Unfortunately the lady who is having the problem  with large birds in her garden does not get any small garden birds at all. 

So as well as keeping large birds away she wants to attract garden birds.

She says –

Hello, thanks for the reply,unfortunately I’m not seeing any small birds even on the hanging feeders that the pigeons cant hang on, Meantime I have’nt put any food out on the small holder that the pigeons can land on, so maybe they will give up?.

I have never seen a pigeon hang onto a hanging feeder!  You have some determined pigeons in your garden

In this case it wouldn’t matter if you stopped putting bird food out for a while because the small garden birds aren’t depending on it.

On the other hand it’s a shame to be beaten by pigeons!

I think it would mean investing in a caged hanging feeder or a caged ground feeder that only small birds can get into.  Surely then the pigeons would realise they could not get at the food, give up fly away and never return!

Maybe the answer is both –

Give up putting bird food out for a while then start putting some out into caged feeders (use the money you save on bird food to buy a caged feeder)

Let me know what you think to those ideas, but whatever happens don’ give up.  Last year I had a chat with a lady who had a similar problem to you, then all of a sudden she got loads of garden birds  at her feeders.  I’ll see if I can remember exactly what happened with her. 

Also I know a elderly Yorkshire Gent who knows a lot about birds I’ll ask him.

Cheers. Trisha