Daily Archives: February 4, 2009

White Tail Feathered Blackbird

Today I spotted the blackbird with white tail feathers.

I haven’t seen it for ages and thought it had died.

It was on its own at a birdtable in the back garden.  Another blackbird came and sent it packing.

Now I think of if, whenever I see this white tailed blackbird it is on its own.

Is the fact that it is ‘different’ to all the other blackbirds making it separate from the other blackbirds.

I only saw it for less than a minute as it was eating from the birdtable, then as I say it was frightened away.

At least I know it is about.  It’s interesting being able to keep track of one bird.

At one point a month or two ago I saw two blackbirds with white tail feathers.  One of the birds was thin, bedraggled and the tail feathers were faint.  I have not seen that one for a while.

Favourite Bird Food of some Garden Birds

Feeding birds helps them survive throughout the year.  Putting out any type of bird food means you can attract birds.

Here is some of the favourite food of some garden birds:

  • Song Thrush
    Peanut granules, mealworms, fruit (I put out peeled and chopped apple).  I also put out grated cheese.
  • Blackbird
    Peanut granules, mealworms, apple.  They also love grated cheese.
  • House Sparrow
    Bird seed mixes, millet, sunflower hearts, fat balls and (when they are breeding) mealworms.
  • Blue Tit
    Peanuts, black sunflower seeds, bird seed mixes, fatballs
  • Greenfinches
    Black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, bird seed mixes

As you can see it’s easy to attract birds.

It’s easy to buy a bag of mixes bird seed to start with and see what birds visit you.

Cheese and apple is a favourite with many birds as well.  I throw my apple core on the bird table and any left over cheese.  I’ve  also started to grate cheese especially to put on the bird table.  I think that’s why I’m getting so many blackbirds and thrushes, but we still have snow on the ground and the ground is still frozen so they welcome any food.

You don’t need a large garden area.  Hanging bird feeders and bird tables don’t take up much room.

Why not give it a try