What birds like to eat – Home cooking

 Thought I would start a list of kitchen scraps that can be put out to feed the birds.

Here’s  a basic list of food I sometimes put  out for the birds. 

Blackbirds, song thrushes, robins and dunnocks like cheese.
If you have the time grate some cheese, put it under a hedge or shrub – that will attract wrens. 
I’m putting out grated cheese at the moment and am getting loads of blackbirds and thrushes

A lot of birds like fruit. I’ve  videod  a bird trying to eat an apple – it was amusing.
Birds like fresh apples and pears. Starlings, tits and thrushes  seem to enjoy rotten or bruised apples and pears.  

Bird cake, fat balls: These are very good in winter especially. It’s very convenient to buy them but they are easy to make as well.

  • Melt some lard.
  • Add oatmeal, cheese, seeds, nuts, dried fruit and even cheese.
  • It needs to be one third fat and two thirds needs to be the mixture.
  • Put it in a container to set.
    A bird-meal in minutes (well not quite).

I was told that it’s best to soak bread in water before putting it on the bird table. I have also been told that it is not a very nutritional feed. But I find it gets eaten.

I’m trying to find more home made feed for the birds. Someone told me they put out grated carrots.  I did that a while ago and it got eaten for a while, then the grated carrots got left so I stopped.

Please let me know what scraps you put out for the birds.  I can add it to the list.  Cheers.

12 thoughts on “What birds like to eat – Home cooking

  1. sherrylee

    we have six red wings in our garden feeding off our holly bush they ave been here for a bout a week area dawlish devon.

  2. Trish Post author

    How lovely for you. We have a holly bush but it never has any berries. I think birds roost in it though.

    I bet this time of year those berries will be a life saver for them. They will be roosting now with a full stomach and the berries will give them energy for tomorrow morning!!

    Trisha from Bird Table News.

  3. Liz

    Great to read your comments – we buy lots of stuff from shops for the birds and have large gardens which we have many feed stations based around them. I have just found out that the birds like fruit – does anyone know if they will eat cooking apples – I have loads from my tree.

  4. Trish Post author

    Indeed birds do like fruit – and berries. Birds will eat apples. You should cut them up into small pieces. Give the birds a chance to find the apple – they may be unsure at first. You could put the apple next to the bird food. slice it small. Do not feed fruit pips or apple seeds
    Blackbirds will eat worms, spiders, fruit and seeds – so you see many birds have a varied diet.

    Bruised apples, pears and other fruit are very popular with all thrushes, tits and starlings. Cut them up and leave them on the bird table or on the ground.

    You are lucky to have apples in your garden.

    Another way to feed birds is to plant a fruit bush or a hedge such as a hawthorn hedge that has berries. It is long term, but the fruit / berries come every year and feed many birds every year


  6. teresa

    I have found that the blackbirds like sultannas, good to know about cheese…do any species like cereals

  7. Linsay Macphail

    I put out whole apples (golden delicious and royal gala) and conference pears and the birds love them. They peck away and the pears are finished in no time at all. Amazing to see

  8. Beverley Stuart

    I have just started feeding the birds and a blackbird has become very friendly towards me.He loves apples,but I have been leaving the skin on,so now Iv’e seen how difficult it is for them I will peel them in future.Thanks

  9. Elaine

    The birds in my garden go crazy for bacon and cooked meat fat scraps. I often fry bacon lardons then finely chop them in the blender. I either sprinkle them on the seeds on the feeder or I make them in to bird cakes using suet, sunflower seeds, currents, peanuts etc.

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