Water for birds in winter

When it is cold and freezing birds still need water.

Often, of course, any water in the garden is frozen in winter,

I had this problem today when the pond was frozen and snowed over

I searched and searched and in the end I found this – it has proved successful today

Upturned dustbin lid used as a water bowl

Upturned dustbin lid used as a water bowl











The white background is actually the newly fallen snow!

3 thoughts on “Water for birds in winter

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  2. mary

    I have 2 heated dog water bowls for all the birds that come to my yard every day, one in the front yard and one in the back yard. It gets in the minuses, but these water bowls keep the water at 50 degrees so there is always fresh water every day this way for all the many beautiful birds. I refresh it every day.

  3. Trish Post author

    How wonderful! I have never heard of those before.

    Where do you live. That would save me so much time.

    The water I put out has been frozen within two hours, so I’ve had to start again. Thanks for getting in touch

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