Peanut bird feeder and Squirrels

The squirrels are back. 

I have a well used caged peanut feeder.  It is squirrel resistant.

Here is a photo when it was new

squirrel resistant peanut feeder

 Unfortunately squirrels are determined creatures and, over time,  they have bitten away at the feeder wire.  They can now get the peanuts out from underneath the feeder.

To stop them being able to get to the feeder I strung a piece of string between two trees and hung the feeder in the middle.  The birds could fly to the feeder but the squirrels would not be able to get to it.


Two squirrels have been seen jumping from a branch onto the feeder and wrapping themselves round the feeder.

Grey squirrels are pests.

I need a new feeder.

I don’t want to stop putting peanuts in because I do get birds there as well.

2 thoughts on “Peanut bird feeder and Squirrels

  1. Nick

    Don’t persecute the squirrels otherwise you have sunk to the level of humans despising other creatures e.g.Pigeons,seagulls,rats,mice etc. The only pests on this planet are the human beings.

  2. trish Post author

    Hi Nick, Would this planet be better of without human beings? That is an interesting question.

    But humans are here and pigeons, seagulls, rats and mice can be pests if they are in the wrong place. We have had mice in the house and they breed so quickly you have to do something. There are so many rats in this country – that is not a good thing. Pigeons and seagulls – mmm not so bad if there are not too many of them.

    Grey squirrels do a lot of damage. They also eat birds eggs and nestlings. They have driven out the lovely Red Squirrel. Now doesn’t that mean that the Grey Squirrel has sunk to a very low level.

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