Nest Boxes for Birds

I think watching birds nesting is very rewarding,  especially if they are nesting in  a nest box you have put up.
It connects us to nature, watching them flit in and out of a nest box.

 Why not make a late New Years Resolution that you will put up at least one bird box this year.

We put two new nest boxes up about a month ago and have seen a bird disappearing into one.  It could be being used as a roost this winter – which I’m pleased about

Here are two tips for putting up and caring for nest boxes –


Fix the bird box two to five metres up a tree or wall, out of the reach of cats
Unless there are trees or buildings that give the nest box shelter, it is best facing between  north and south east.  This avoids strong sunlight and the wettest winds.
Tilt the box forward slightly so that any driving rain will hit the roof and fall clear


The nest of most birds harbour fleas and other parasites which will then infest young  birds that hatch the following year.

It is best to clean the old nests boxes in October or November.
Use boiling water to kill any parasites.
Insectscides and Flea powders must not be used
If there are unhatched eggs in the box these should be removed.  Legally you can only remove eggs from nests and nest boxes between October and January.
If you place a small handful of clean hay or wood shaviangs (not straw) in the box once it is dray after you have cleaned it then the box may be used during the winter by  or birds for roosting and shelter.

National Nest Box Week starts on 14th February and is sponsored by Jacobi Jayne

2 thoughts on “Nest Boxes for Birds

  1. John

    Hi Trisha,
    Glad to see you have managed to get started again.
    My Blue Tit box has seen a bit of action this year. A Blue Tit used it as a roost on two cold nights. Also it makes quick visits from time to time, usually about half an hour before dusk. It keeps removing pieces of wood shavings I put in the bottom. I’m not sure whether it is tidying up or pinching them to use elsewhere.

  2. trish Post author

    Hi John, Yes I decided to try and beat the computer problem. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again!

    So glad your Blue Tit box has seen some blue tits. I was going to use your video of the blue tit, then all this problem happened and I think I have lost it.

    You say the blue tit makes quick visits – blue tits always dart here and there don’t they.

    I’m sure I read another comment from you saying your blog is going OK. Look forward to seeing it. Your photos will be great I’ m sure.
    Best. Trisha

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