Birds not feeding at a birdtable

I was talking to a very nice lady who was telling me that she put food out for wild birds – but not one bird came to get the food!

She did say there had been building works going on in the area.  We have tractors and cars comg and go but we get birds, birds and more birds.

This morning I was about 4 feet away from a bird in a hedge.  I moved out of the way to let a car go by and the bird did not flinch or move, it stayed perched on a branch.  So neither me or the car bothered this bird.

I’ve been puzzled by her problem of lack of birds.  I know it could be the building works, but I have thought of three other possible reasons why the birds aren’t coming to her garden bird table.

1.  It can take a few weeks for birds to find a new source of food.

2. At certain times of the year certain birds find enough food in the countryside and don’t need food from the birdtable.  But this would not happen in January.

3.  There could be a bird of prey nearby which is keeping the garden birds away.

This morning I had the mad thought that it would be nice if I could tell some of my birds to go to her garden.  Share the wild birds out a bot.  50% for her and 50% for me! 

I hope she keeps on trying to feed the birds as this is, usually, the time of year they need it most.

I’m only guessing the reasons.  If anyone else has any ideas please let me know.

Have a good day. Trisha

3 thoughts on “Birds not feeding at a birdtable

  1. Birde Brain

    Congrats on your website, Trisha. I hope it grows. I have found with feeding birds that it takes ages, weeks or months before they come regularly. I don’t think it is so much a question of them finding the food, but perhaps a question of how safe they feel feeding there. It probably takes this time for them to get used to it and feel safe. I’ve noticed that my neighbours who get lots of birds put out food all the year round.

  2. trish Post author

    Hi Birde Brain, Thanks for visitng.

    I agree it can take ages for birds to see the bird food and visit.

    I never thought of the fact that if you put bird food out all year round you get more birds visiting

    I suppose that is bound to happen, as the garden birds get accustomed to the food.

    You must put bird food out do you? Trisha

  3. Mike

    Does anyone know of any homemade ideas for Squirrel Proof bird feeders? As you know squirrels can be a bit of a problem for many bird feeders.

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