Bird Feeding Tips

If you are just starting out bird feeding this information may help you as there are a wide selection of bird seed mixes available to chose from.
Look for mixes with flaked maize, sunflower seeds and peanut granuals.  (Blackbirds love flaked maize) 
You can also buy individual types of bird food –

Whole Peanuts and Peanut Granules
Peanuts are rich in fat and enjoyed by all the tit family, greenfinches, house sparrows, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers and siskins. 

  • Whole Peanuts It is best to feed whole peanuts a peanut feeder.  Whole peanuts can be put on the birdtable in winter.  Whole peanuts can harm a young fledgling bird so do not feed in Spring and Summer.
  • Crushed Peanut Granules attract robins, dunnocks and even wrens and can safely be put on a bird table.  Crushed peanuts are a favourite on my birdtable  and I know they give an extra energy boost.  For this reason they are a good all round bird food. 



millet for birds

millet for birds

Sparrows, finches and collared doves love millet.  Sparrows can turn the millet to energy very quickly.
It also means that as well as getting millett the sparrows and other birds are getting some fat in the bird food as well

The problem I have with millett is that it is so easily blown away by the wind.  I have solved this problem by melting some lard and pouring that over the millet.  It does not turn it into a fatball, but just coats it and clogs it together a little bit.

Nyger seeds
nyjer seed and black sunflower seeds
Nyger Seeds are small and black.  They have a large oil content and are a favourite with goldfinches and siskins. 
Seed Mixes what to avoid
Avoid seed mixes that split pea beans, dried rice or lentils.  Only the larger birds can eat these, so it’s not worth buying them.
Whatever you do have fun and enjoy bringing birds to your garden.

One of  the most important parts of bird feeding is taking the time to sit and watch them.  In summer sitting in the garden and seeing and hearing them among the hedge is a lovely way to relax.  In winter looking through the window at a  strategically placed bird feeder is a good way to see what type of birds are visiting.

Enjoy bringing birds to your garden.


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