Balcony Birding

There must  be loads of people who don’t have a garden but like birds and wildlife.

This section is for everyone who likes birds but does not have a garden.

I know that if you don’t have a garden it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved with birds and bird life.

I know there are feeders that can be put on windows that would give such a good close up of birds. 


There are bird baths that can be hung from walls and bird tables that can be hung on a wall.

There are parks to visit and guided walks to go on.  There are books to read, videos to watch and learn from.  This is for everyone of course.

On this blog I may go on about my bird feeders and my garden, but to me it is the only way I have to feed birds and watch them.  It would be interesting to learn about no-garden bird feeding and watching and learning

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