Daily Archives: January 26, 2009

Early morning in January – a video

In early January it was  so cold and the ground was  frozen hard. No wonder I got a lot of birds at the feeders.

I took this short video of the countryside in winter in the early morning on 10th January.  
 There isn’t much food for birds in the countryside when the countryside is frozen like this.   The nights are freezing cold for them as well.

After I’d finished putting bird food out I was glad to get back inside.

Towards the end of this video a bird flys by – it was heading for the bird feeders.

Sparrowhawk in my Garden – Short Video

Last October I was trying to get a video of the sparrows round the feeder. As if by magic  all the sparrows flew away.  

A second later this sparrowhawk flew in. I only caught it on camera for a few seconds.   Apologies for the video being short and not 100% clear, .

This  shows sparrows know when a predator is about.

I think it also shows that sparrowhawks do not only go for weak and ill birds