Daily Archives: January 13, 2009

Birds Still Need Feeding

Even though I’m having trouble with my blog the wild birds still need feeding.

It sort of puts it all into perspective when you see sparrows, chaffinches and blue tits queuing up for the bird food.  What do they know about blogs – they survive very well without them.

I bought a big bag of bird food the other day.  It should last ages.

Webserver problem – some pages may show as missing

Well, Birdtablenews has greated 2009 with a small webserver problem. Due to a mistake by the hosting company,  some of my webpages have been lost temporarily.   I’m in the middle of  getting a lot of my pages back. 

It’s my blog diary and I want the pages back!!  So I’m goint to start getting  my pages back from Google.  

In the meantime if some pages come up as missing – you know the reason why.

Luckily with a lot of technical help it will all work out.